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Beken of Cowes

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Sailing Photography Archive 1880 ~ 2016 


After over 130 years “Beken of Cowes” have ended their photography afloat.

The advent of digital photography has enabled cameras to be used like machine guns & has brought about a proliferation of photographers at sea. The market is now saturated with photographers & flooded with photographs.

Yacht Clubs & Race/Regatta organisers are also citing the Data Protection Act & not releasing boat contact details and are often employing & favouring their own contracted photographers.

In recent years photography afloat has at best just broken even and with the decline in orders for ‘new’ photography the decision was taken to call a halt.

The historical Beken Archive, described as a ‘National Treasure’, is still proving immensely popular & continues from the shop/gallery in Cowes making available photographs of classic racing & cruising from the 1880s – 2016

Now might be a good time to ask Beken for free proofs of a particular boat in their Historical Archives... !

This announcement elicited the following comment from a past customer...

“I am so very sorry to hear the sad news. I truly understand and appreciate what you are saying and it saddens me that anyone can pick up a digital camera in this day and age and call themselves a ‘professional’. I for one understand the skill, effort and hidden costs involved in capturing a superb image. The market is flooded with complete dross as I am sure you have found. There is however only one true photography company that captures the marine world so beautifully and that is BEKEN ! This is a brand of quality and that reputation can never be taken away. Everyone else comes in at a very poor second. I hope you are very proud to have the Beken name and for what your family have achieved over the years and their contribution to stunning photography. I am still gobsmacked at the quality of every Beken image I have seen and will continue to do so. I have no doubt if your father and grandfather were still here they would still out shoot anyone, even in this day of digital, as they clearly understood the art & science of producing stunning images. I wish you well with the fantastic archive and long may the name of Beken be spoken of amongst those that appreciate true photography”.